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Residential Carpet Cleaning

We start out by talking with you on what you’re looking for, be it pet stain/odor removal, normal cleaning, or we may need to move your furniture which is very common. We measure your areas to be cleaned as we price by the square foot, and then tell you exactly how much it will cost. We select a pre-spray that is designed specifically for your carpet type, apply and let it dwell for 10 or so minutes and then begin cleaning with hot water extraction (steam).

You may not notice what is happening in front of you, but we are pre-spraying a high PH detergent and then cleaning your carpet with a lower PH rinse agent that effectively removes all detergents and dirt leaving your carpet clean and at a neutral PH. This is a must as the old saying of opposites attract is true in carpet cleaning as well. Soil is acidic and detergent is alkaline, so the carpet cleaner that doesn’t pre-spray and then rinse is leaving detergent in your carpet to attract dirt.

If you have a spot in your carpet, our normal cleaning process removes 95% of spots at no additional cost to you. If you have a spot that requires additional cleaning agents such as Cherry Kool-Aid, we do charge for that but the cost is not out of line with most people saying “is that all”?

We will also ask if you would like a carpet protector. Carpet protector is a must if you have small children, pets or allergies. If you spill the proverbial Kool-Aid, yes you can wipe it up usually without a stain, but more importantly it enables your vacuum cleaner to work more efficiently as the protector coats and lubricates your carpet fibers so dirt doesn’t stick to them, thus your vacuum does a much better job removing dirt and allergens in your home and by the way, you won’t need to have your carpet professionally cleaned as often.

Our equipment is designed for large commercial applications so you benefit by your carpet being cleaner from an endless supply of hot water and less than a two hour dry time with the vacuum our equipment provides. We carry our own water tank and have an onboard water softener that leaves your carpet feeling new and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Have a Convention Center that needs to be turned over in 24 Hours? Restaurant that needs to be open with the carpet dry by Breakfast? Greasy Traffic Lanes that show exactly where your servers walk out of the kitchen? A block of 350 Hotel Rooms that need to be cleaned and ready for the weekend 6 stories high?

Karl’s is your answer, we specialize in large commercial carpet cleaning applications. We use the old fashion method of carpet cleaning with wands and hard work utilizing state of the art equipment that cleans and dries your carpet faster without sacrificing quality. We pre-spray detergent specific to your carpet fiber type & soiling, then clean with a rinse agent that leaves your carpet in like new clean condition. Is your carpet almost worn out? No we can’t fix that but we can make it as clean as possible to stretch replacing it until after your busy season.

Carpet can be dried in about an hour’s time with our fan setup. We try to create a whirlwind effect so your carpet is getting hit with air from all sides at once that expedites dry times immensely without removing the pictures from the wall. The secret to drier carpet isn’t the force of the air, it’s the volume. Keep that one between us ok?

We schedule 24/7 so we can work around your business hours.

Your customers are important to us and we go out of our way to accommodate their needs. We at Karl’s understand the importance of customer satisfaction which is why our truck mounted units are insulated to minimize noise and eliminate customer complaints.

Need interim cleaning? We can set up a schedule with you for light machine cleaning with once to twice a year deep restorative cleaning. We will tailor our services to your needs.

Call and see why using Karl’s is cost efficient compared to using your own equipment.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning areas we service include: Adams, Baraboo, Coloma, Lake Delton, Mauston, Montello, Oxford, Portage, Westfield, and Wisconsin Dells.

Residential Carpet Cleaning areas we service include: Adams, Baraboo, Coloma, Lake Delton, Mauston, Montello, Oxford, Portage, Westfield, and Wisconsin Dells.

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